15 fuchsia spring outfits for women

Fuchsia was undoubtedly the color that ‘enlightened’ the spring collections of designers – which, rightly, is considered one of the top shades of the season. Pantone calls this shade “Pink Yarrow,” while Elsa Schiaparelli has been “baptizing” it shocking pink since the 1930s.

15 fuchsia spring outfits for women 2 - 15 fuchsia spring outfits for women

It was 2011 when Sarah Jessica Parker, during her interview at David Letterman’s show, chose fuchsia pink pants with a red blouse. The lively, colorful contrast has not gone unnoticed, and since then, the color combination of red and pink is not considered as strange – although, initially, many would find the result too exaggerated.

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Posted by women-outfits on March 23, 2018