7 stylish summer work outfits with comfortable shoes

There are many challenges women have to face daily. The simplest decision require thought and still we have to be stylish and put together when we go at work. We have to wear clothes that match and are flattening, we have to wear a little makeup to look nice and maybe hide some black circles and wrinkles, we have to have our hair look nice.

Is there room for comfort in all those have to’s?

For all of you working in a more casual work space the option are limitless. You can experiment with colors, styles and trends while maintaining a decent work profile.

Corporate style can still be comfortable and stylish at the same time when you make the right choices.

This post is all about shoes. You are going to be standing on your feel for at least 8 hours so comfort and good support is vital.

In the following images you will find 7 stylish summer work outfits with comfortable shoes that you can totally copy!

7 stylish summer work outfits comfortable shoes - 7 stylish summer work outfits with comfortable shoes

Let’s start  with the unexpected! How about wearing your sneakers with a tailored suit to the office. Just make sure that your sneakers are perfectly clean and a good condition. You can find the sneakers here.

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Posted by women-outfits on July 11, 2017